About Us

Batek Poland was established in 1992. We import gift products for women and men, as well as elements of interior decoration. By closely following the latest development trends and global trends in design, we strive for our products to keep up with current fashion and be an interesting choice for our customers. Bearing in mind the expectations of customers operating in the rapidly changing market, we design our signature collections creating unique designs tailored to various needs. We are able to achieve high precision of our products by working closely with manufacturers and controlling quality at the production stage.

To facilitate cooperation, we invite our customers to use our B2B website www.batek.eu which allows you to get acquainted with the full range of our products and facilitates asking questions. Orders are made mainly based on our on-site inventory which makes our products readily available and minimizes turnaround time. We take care to ensure continuity of supply and the continuous expansion of our collection with new designs.
We would like to invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer of Batek Poland and start working with us.


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